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Equine Touch
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This is where owners talk about their

experience of Equine Touch and what

it has meant to their horse(s).

Yessi – British/Irish pony – approximately 16 years old. Owner: Marin E. Yessi is an extraordinary pony with quite a history. She was given to me after she failed a veterinary examination because of navicular disease and ossification of the lateral cartilages in the hoof. Yessi and I have grown together beautifully by developing a respectful relationship involving a great deal of patience, respect and proper training coupled with academic riding, natural horsemanship, straightness training and centred riding. Click here to read more. Zita - Appaloosa pony - 9 years old. Owners Ad en Diny S. In May 2014 Victorine performed three sessions of Equine Touch on Zita, our Appaloosa pony. Zita immediately felt at ease and I could not believe my eyes when she began to find her balance during and after the first session, as she started to stand square and achieve incredibly beautiful collection. She did this twice. The other two sessions were also very beautiful to see. Zita processed them rather deeply. She exhibited responses which were new to me. For instance, she licked my hands and arms – so special! Now about three months later our pony is still performing well in front of the carriage. She really loves it. I can definitely recommend Equine Touch. Fuego - Spanish gelding - 11 years old. Owner Diane H. Several months ago Vic told me that both she and Andrew were attending a course to become Equine Touch practitioners. They still needed several horses on which to practice. She told me that it was a gentle method designed to loosen muscles. I thought “Why not?” And offered my horse. Fuego comes from Spain and did not really feel well at the time. In the past he had been very anxious and had to contend with stiff muscles and a sore back. Click here to read more. Beatle - Dutch Warmblood mare - 8 years old. Owner Monique J. Someone asked me whether we should not give this (Equine Touch) to our horses at some stage. I asked precisely what it was. Gently touching your horse a little or something like that? What does it do exactly? Someone at our livery yard had already arranged for her horse to have a session and it responded particularly well to it. And so you do want to do the best for your horse. At the time I thought that I would do it and see how my horse would respond. So the first appointment was made! Click here to read more.