Humans for Horses
Equine Touch
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Someone asked me whether we should not give this to our horses at some stage. I asked precisely what it was. Gently touching your horse a little or something like that? What does it do exactly? Someone at our livery yard had already arranged for her horse to have a session and it responded particularly well to it. And so you do want to do the best for your horse. At the time I thought that I would do it and see how my horse would respond. So the first appointment was made! Jeez, the tears were sliding down my cheeks, because I saw just what it did. My horse looked as though something big had happened to her! The session had an effect for another two days. She was entirely in her own world. So she really had some processing to do. (Indeed, she had experienced a great deal.) On those days all I did was walk with her to give her time to deal with this. She had various sessions after this and, even though there were still places where she responded rather fiercely, she began to acquire more trust in people, became calmer herself, began to stand square more frequently and was more in balance. She also uses her legs much better. They used to be rather tucked up and cow-hocked at the back. Now she already holds them a bit further apart. She is able to release her back more readily and it is beginning to swing loosely. This modality definately works, so as to enable your horse to find its balance. Yet you also need to tackle the rest of your training, doing so properly, focusing on moving straight. For the rest, watch and listen to your horse. They have much to “say” but are not often “heard”. It is partly thanks to this modality that I have become even more aware of what horses have to “say” to me and I try to understand them as clearly as I can. back to Experiences