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Equine Touch
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Several months ago Vic told me that she was attending a course to become an Equine Touch practitioner. She still needed several horses on which to practice. She told me that it was a gentle method designed to loosen muscles. I thought “Why not?” And offered my horse. Fuego comes from Spain and did not really feel well at the time. In the past he had been very anxious and had to contend with stiff muscles and a sore back. The first time that Vic performed Equine Touch on Fuego, he was really hypersensitive and responded very sensitively to every touch, so emphatically that after a little while Vic thought that it was perhaps better to halt the session. She had begun by feeling his body, something which was absolutely not painful and yet he stood there tensing his muscles. It clearly did something to him. During the next session a week later he was already a good deal quieter and just submitted to it. After half an hour he stood there yawning. During the third session he almost fell asleep! In total Fuego received 6 sessions from Andrew and Vic. From the second session I had already noticed a difference in his suppleness and ability to flex. I could see that my horse felt it was blissful and relaxing. back to Experiences