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Yessi is an extraordinary pony with quite a history. She was given to me after she failed a veterinary examination because of navicular disease and ossification of the lateral cartilages in the hoof. Yessi and I have grown together beautifully by developing a respectful relationship involving a great deal of patience, respect and proper training coupled with academic riding, natural horsemanship, straightness training and centred riding. She is now doing exceptionally well, although my experience is that she will remain a physically vulnerable pony who can easily revert to former patterns of behaviour if you are not highly aware of what you are doing. It is for this reason that I do not allow just anyone to work on her or to start anything with her. However, I felt reassured when I first met Andrew and Victorine. Both of them approached my pony, Yessi, calmly and with respect, in response to which Yessi greeted them openly. Victorine managed to explain to me clearly what she was going to do with my horse and this immediately reassured me. Even during the session she clearly indicated where she found areas of minor tension and she was able to explain what she was feeling. My pony gave clear feedback during the sessions. She abandoned her tension, her lips relaxed, her eyes closed, she sighed and she yielded entirely to what was happening to her. I could see from the following signs that the sessions had yielded benefits: Yessi enjoyed it; her jaw and neck were more relaxed; her contact with the herd became more intimate and now she can always be found eating hay, whereas she often used to remain at a distance first; Yessi hardly has weeping eyes now, whereas this used to be pretty normal. Yessi also responded exceptionally well to Andrew's session. He went about his work in his own way, differently from Victorine. It was lovely to see how the movements of his hands flowed from the core of his body. Yessi also managed to relax completely with Andrew and the top line of her neck also loosened considerably, with the result that she was able to flex more readily to the left during the weeks that followed. This was the problem which I had always needed to address during training until that point in time. Now, several months later, her neck and jaw are still much looser and mentally she is calm and strong. She finds it easier to lengthen her neck and she has more room around her jaw when flexing. As such, I am exceedingly grateful for this. All that remains to be said that my experience of the Equine Touch sessions performed by Andrew and Victorine has been really good and I can therefore recommend them for everyone! Marin back to Experiences