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Equine Touch
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The Equine Touch helping horses by educating humans in Spanish and English Equine Touch – Introductory Course Contact: +34 6 5641 3478 (Vicki) +34 6 6536 3355 (Andrew) Click here to download this leaflet!
What is Equine Touch and how can it help? Equine Touch at the CyD Santa Maria Horse Sanctuary Equine Touch is a non-diagnostic, non-invasive, manual bodywork modality involving the performance of a series of unique, gentle, vibrational moves over the entire horse. Fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments are vibrated in such a way that the tissue is stimulated to help the horse find its natural balance, which is the basis for healing. This occurs in collaboration with the horse.  Equine Touch: 	improves balance, circulation and the horse's general well-being 	reduces stress and facilitates physical, mental and emotional relaxation 	facilitates healing and recovery from health issues  Equine Touch is fun and easy to learn. Your horse will love you for it!  LEARN TO CARE FOR YOUR OWN HORSE AND THOSE OF YOUR FRIENDS TESTIMONIALS “What a wonderful weekend. Thank you Andrew and Vicki so much for sharing this wonderful stuff with us! It was beautifully taught ... clear, informative and sensitive. I loved it and I'm sure I'll be back for more.” Kate M., Spain, Introductory Course “A huge thank you to Andrew and Vicki for being such inspiring teachers and for being amazing hosts. A wonderful weekend full of laughter, good company, learnt so much. Enjoyed every minute; could not believe what fun learning could be. Thank you, already looking forward to coming over again.” Ann B., United Kingdom, Intermediate “Thank you. You are amazing instrutors and will offer students so much who come to learn with you. Thank you so much for everything. And making it a great part of my journey.” Lauren M., United Kingdom, Intermediate Instructors:	Victorine van Rossem and Andrew-Glyn Smail(also Master Saddle-Fitting Consultants) Venue:	CYD Santa María Horse Sanctuary, Alhaurín El Grande, Málaga, Spain Dates:	Sat. 28 and Sun. 29 March 2020  More information available at:   Introductory Course EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!  Instead of paying the full price of €220.00 get in early and pay only €150.00 (32% off!) by 1 March 2020! Don’t miss out! Book now! VERY AFFORDABLE ACCOMMODATION!  Need a place to stay? Very affordable accommodation is available in the area! Don’t miss out! Book now! presents