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What is the origin of Equine Touch?

The Equine Touch TM was "discovered" by Jock Ruddock after he was asked to take the VHT (Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique) method which he used on people and to try it out on a horse. It was such a success that he was invited to do this again and to his astonishment he arrived to discover not one but ten clients. Jock's work began to become better known when he successfully worked on a trotter in the Czech Republic and was then asked by the Head of the Surgical Department of the Czech University of Veterinary Science to teach his method to veterinary surgeons from various European countries. Again, the results which were achieved after this basic course were so good, that Jock was invited to return to give an advanced course. During one of the courses devoted to this method, which had since acquired the name, The Equine Touch, Jock Ruddock met Ivana, a vet from the Czech Republic, and they subsequently married. At the time Ivana taught anatomy in the Faculty of Veterinary Science. Ivana provided a more in-depth grounding for this modality in terms of research and education, with the result that Equine Touch has since come to be acknowledged for what it is by veterinary surgeons, institutions and organisations dealing with horses in many countries of the world. Equine Touch is now offered as a course for horse carers and owners but it is also possible to study it at a professional level in order to become an Equine Touch practitioner. If you are interested in attending a course, you may contact us or obtain more information from: Equine Touch international Equine Touch United Kingdom
MVDr. Ivana Ruddock